High-quality open panel timber frames delivered to your site

Here at SticX, we are timber frame specialists. We design and build open panel timber frames and more, utilising high-quality, sustainable materials.


Why Choose Sticx?

Our open panel timber frames are both robust and versatile. Constructed on-site, the process is faster, cheaper, and easier than relying on pre-fabricated panels from a factory.

Our team of dedicated builders are adept at producing the ideal structure for you, based on your requirements.

Open panel timber frames

Open panel timber frames form the skeleton of your building. It consists of the wooden framework that makes up the structure of your building project. No panels. No insulation. Just the frame on which your finished project will sit. Our timber is imported from Scandinavian from sustainable forests and is structurally-graded. This ensures you a strong and stable framework for any construction.

Timber frame

We have a team of experienced designers working for us who can put together a suitable frame design for you. They have years of relevant experience between them and will work alongside you to produce something that meets your specific needs. Alternative, we a range of basic structures that are ready to go without modification.

Open panel timber frames

f your building project is a simple one, you may be interested in an off-the-shelf design. These are perfectly functional and constructed to the same standards as our SticX built frames. The only difference is that they come as they are, without be tailored to any requirements you might have. On the other hands side, the timber is already cut to size and easily assembled, if time is a factor.

SticX built timber frames

If you opt for a custom-made open panel timber frame, then we will see to it that all the parts are cut to order. The timber frame is then assembled at your site, following the specific details laid out in the design. This ensures a one-of-a-kind construction, unique to you.


Stick building is simply the construction of a timber frame on site utilising loose timber. It is a flexible system that avoids the need to pre-fabricate panels in a factory and is therefore cheaper, easier and quicker to procure.

We can build anything that can be built in timber frame, including:

  • extensions;
  • bungalows;
  • houses; and
  • multi-storey buildings.

We have built frames up to 7 storeys.

All of the structural timber that we use is treated with preservatives (Vac-Vac).

When stick-building we fit the boarding to the structure last, after the frame is up, and immediately fit the breather membrane. This means that the boarding is not subject to weather for long periods of time. Prefabricated panels have the external boards fitted in the factory and the boarding is therefore exposed to weather throughout the construction of the frame.

Stick-built frames will generally be 10-15% cheaper than prefabricated frames, because:

  1. We have no factory overhead.
  2. We have reduced crane costs.
  3. We use less timber.
  4. We have reduced transport costs.

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For more information about our open panel timber frames, call SticX today on 0151 521 0834. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.