How we Deliver

Our Structural Timber page identifies the various products that we offer and, linked to this, we offer flexible options for delivering projects to suit client and project requirements.

SticX-Built (Open Panel Frames)

We use this term to describe a project where we build the entire frame on site, from loose timber. There are many projects that suit this approach and it is the original form of timber frame building, proven over centuries. We have built frames this way for all sorts of projects, from building extensions to primary schools and even up to seven storeys. It is most suitable for projects that:

  • Have insufficient lead-in time from order to site. We can eliminate the prefabrication stage in the factory. The on-site time is slightly longer, but overall from order to completion it is generally the quickest.
  • Have insufficient space for continuous crane use. Most of the materials can be manhandled.
  • Require on-site cutting, to fit panels to existing structures.
  • Might be stop-start on site and would cause a problem if a large quantity of prefabricated panels had to be stored for periods of time. This is often the case with spec house building where site progress is sales-led.

SticX-Off-Site (Open, Closed and Total Panel Frames)

When there is sufficient lead-in time for a project we can reap the benefits of speed and quality associated with a factory-build.

  • The client can also have the choice of Open, Closed and Total Panel frames.

SticX-Hybrid (Open Panel Frames)

We often find that projects benefit from a mixture of SticX-Build and SticX-Off-Site.

  • In its most common form, this involves the walls of the project being SticX-Built and floor cassettes being pre-fabricated in the factory.
  • The pre-facbrication of the floors benefits the project the most, as they are the slowest element to build-on site, and by building them concurrently with the walls we achieve accelerated build times.