Sticx Ltd is a specialist structural timber company.


We design and build timber frames and other timber structures, including floors and roofs, utilising timber and engineered wood products.


Our structurally graded timber is imported from Scandinavia from demonstrably sustainable sources carrying PEFC certification.

We also design structures incorporating Glulam Beams and Cross-Laminated Timber technology.

Our designers work with the latest 3D CAD software packages capable of integrating with the main architectural design software. We are also able to work within projects operating BIM.

We are also at the forefront of emerging timber technology nail plated techniques and are innovative in our approach to delivering projects.

We have the resource to design and build frames for all types and sizes of building utilising our own professionals and operatives. We design and build timber frames from £10k to over £1m in value, from single storey to seven storeys and beyond.

our working processin 3 steps

We build open frame, closed frame, completed panels ready for second fix. We use engineered timber products including glulam and Cross Laminated Timber.


For projects with difficult access, that benefit from being built on-site


For projects that benefit from minimum on-site time.


For projects where the walls are best constructed on-site, but the floors and roof benefit from being fabricated off-site.